Facebook & Instagram Dynamic Ads: Dynamic Retargeting Course ​​| Arya Infographic


Facebook & Instagram Dynamic Ads: Dynamic Retargeting Course  ​​| Arya Infographic

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What you'll learn

Increase Revenue - use Facebook Dynamic Ads to auto promote your most relevant items to the right customers. Retarget – even after browsers leave website.

Create new Facebook Ads Effortlessly - no time-consuming manual work for every product or listing needed. Personalise your product pitch to every browser.

Complete Master Guide - Set up, Create & Manage Facebook Dynamic Ads. Learn the art of Facebook & Instagram Dynamic Retargeting and Ad Spend optimisation.

Thorough Step-By-Step to setting up Facebook Catalogues correctly. In-Depth Walkthrough - Correctly Set up Facebook Pixel Events. Complete To-Do List.

Avoid Errors - Save Time, Energy, and your precious Budget with my Best Practice guides. Blueprint to creating and utilising Custom & Lookalike Audiences.

Unlock the Power of smart Retargeting and learn how to apply it properly – for every market sector. Real World Successful Case Blueprints to get results.


Your Computer or other Mobile Device and an Internet Connection.

This Course might be Challenging for Complete Facebook Marketing Beginners.


Completely Updated Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Retargeting Course! This Is Your Ultimate Step-by-step Guide To Becoming A Master Of Facebook Remarketing And Dynamic Retargeting.

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Dearest Student,

Hi, it's Tomas Moravek here, Internet Efficiency Awarded digital strategist, with my Facebook Dynamic Ads Mastery, the most comprehensive course currently available that teaches how to unlock the power of Facebook Dynamic Ads using Dynamic Retargeting.

This Course Will Walk You Through Everything You Need To Know To Master Dynamic Ads.

It includes my insider knowledge, real world case blueprints, worksheets, To Do Lists, and video explainers on Dynamic Ads, retargeting, remarketing, cataloguing, and the Facebook Business Manager, and features in-depth guides to Facebook Pixel Events and a complete blueprint guide to setting up different events with the Facebook Pixel Event Tool.

Dynamic Advertising Is A Powerfully Effective Way To Boost Your Sales as it uses smart tech and intuitive AI algorithms to put the right products in front of users who are ready to purchase. Even if they haven’t visited your website or browsed your app before, if they’re opted into ad personalisation you can target them and convert browsers into buyers by matching the right products to the right people.

This method works so well, as by personalising the pitch you massively increase your chances of making a sale. You then can continue to retarget potential customers by sending personalised ad “reminders” that encourage them to purchase.

Dynamic Ads Can Be Used To Promote The Products And Services Of:

Ecommerce websites – Match the preferences of your browsers and sell more

Real estate brokers or listings – Target people looking to buy or sell property

Travel companies – Match people’s previous travel searches with your relevant ads

Automotive brands – Sell your vehicles faster by laser focusing on interested buyers

And more! Market anything using this highly targeted form of advertising!!

With My Course, You'll Unleash The Full Power Of Facebook Dynamic Ads So You Can Automatically Display Laser Targeted Products To Your Website Visitors Or App Users Who’ve Previously Expressed An Interest In Your Business.

You do need a basic grounding in Facebook Business and Facebook Ads before you study with me on this course, so if you don't have that, I'd recommend starting with one of my comprehensive Facebook Marketing courses for total beginners.

However, if you have the basics in place, and now want to master Facebook Dynamic Ads, this course will teach you everything you need to know.

To get started you’ll need to set up Facebook Pixel on your website, which I’ll guide you through. This is because Dynamic Ads work best when there is a strong feedback loop between your online product catalogue and your ads. Optionally, if you have an app, you can increase installs by showing relevant ads that direct people to download, and for this you’ll need to install the Facebook SDK.

As Dynamic Ads work on a large scale, you’ll require a Facebook Business Manager account and uploaded product catalogue. I will teach you how to correctly set up your Business Manager account and create and upload your product catalogue, so you can get started with Dynamic Ads right away. If you have a website powered by Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce, you don’t need to create a catalogue, so you can skip this step.

It's easy to learn using my method, as I've taken care to lay out everything clearly for you. Using step by step best practice guides, high quality video explainers, worksheets, and To Do Lists, you'll be able to expand your skillset and quickly build your Dynamic Ads knowledge.

Using real world case blueprints, and a wide variety of high performing Facebook traffic ad samples, covering a multitude of sectors, I’ll lay out in-depth Every successful remarketing and retargeting strategy that’s possible using Facebook Dynamic Ads.

I’ll also be giving away my powerful in-depth guide to creating custom and lookalike audiences so you can get maximum mileage from your retargeting and remarketing efforts. This is the MOST comprehensive course currently available that covers remarketing, retargeting, custom and lookalike audiences, Dynamic Ads, the Facebook Pixel, Facebook Pixel Events, and the Facebook Pixel Event Helper and includes all my best practice guides, blueprints, case studies, walkthroughs, video explainers, worksheets, To Do Lists and so much more!

I've invested so much of my time and effort into putting together this course and I’m excited to share it with you. I'm passionate about sharing my Internet Efficiency Awarded Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and internet success strategies, and I hope you choose to enrol as part of my next student intake. I can't wait to show you how to become a Dynamic Ads Master.

When you join my 600,000+ happy students, you'll enjoy value-packed, constantly updated courses, with lifelong access and a 30-day full money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

You'll get comprehensive video explainers and high-quality guides, tips, worksheets, and To Do lists, that will walk you through the entire process of mastering Dynamic Ads.

Incorporating Dynamic Retargeting in your marketing will give a Powerful boost to your sales and is a superb way to continually market and remarket your entire product catalogue, expanding your customer reach in a highly targeted way.

Facebook Dynamic Ads can be viewed by anyone who has opted into ad personalisation, on your website, app, or anywhere else on the web.

In this comprehensive course, I'll walk you through everything you need to know in order to make Dynamic Ads work for you.

I'll teach you how to upload your product catalogue, set Facebook Pixel up correctly, and set your campaign, which you will only ever need to do once.

I'll also show you how can easily update your products, pricing, and stock availability, so the intuitive system can automatically apply any changes.

When you know how to use it properly, Facebook Dynamic Ads is an invaluable and effective selling tool. It will save you so much time, boost your sales, and can work as your automated marketing assistant for as long as you want, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Dynamic Ads look like other ads that show up on Facebook, Insta, Messenger, and the Audience Network. The crucial difference is they use your Facebook Pixel or SDK to target people who've already shown an interest in your business, by showing them relevant products that they are highly likely to want.

Dynamic Ads are Easy and Effortless once you've done the ground work of setting everything up, as instead of having to create a new ad for every product you sell, you create an ad template that automatically uses images and details from your data feed, to construct a targeted ad.

I'll Guide You Through The Complete Process Of Setting Up Facebook Dynamic Ads With Easy Video Explainers And A Complete To-do List (Checklist), That Includes Key Instructions To Set Up Your Xml Feed And Facebook Pixel Events Correctly.

You'll Learn How To:

Set up and connect payments to your Ad account

Create a new Product catalogue

Set up your catalogue format feed correctly

Set up your catalogue listings correctly

Add your products / home listings

Upload your feed

Set up Facebook Pixel and Facebook Pixel Events correctly

Master powerful Traffic ads so you can start enjoying a stream of new revenue

Set up Content ID and Content Type to avoid mistakes

Activate automatic advanced matching for Facebook Pixel

Set up key events for Facebook Pixel

Use diagnostics smartly to tweak your Dynamic Ads

Create and harness Custom and Lookalike audiences to target efficiently and expand your reach

Copy real world success strategies using Dynamic Ads to retarget and remarket

Use my Facebook Traffic Ad blueprint success stories to max your chances of success

Get more from your Dynamic Ads spend and boost your revenue

And so much more… This is a value-packed in-depth and comprehensive course that covers every aspect of Dynamic Retargeting and Remarketing

Enrol on my course and receive HQ On-Demand Video, plus get downloadable learning resources, lifetime updates and my full support, anytime you need my advice, help, or just want to ask a question.

You can access this course from any device, including your smartphone or laptop, and upon completion you'll earn a certificate of completion.

With a full 30 days, no quibble money back refund guaranteed, there's absolutely no risk and a world of knowledge to gain.

Understanding how to make Dynamic Ads work for you can be tricky if you don't know how and there are many pitfalls. With my in-depth course, that covers every aspect of mastering Dynamic Ads, you'll save time and energy, as you'll learn right off the bat how to do things correctly. You'll avoid the mistakes so many people who fail to optimise the benefits of this powerful selling tool make.

Don't Continue To Miss Out On The Revenue Dynamic Ads Could Bring Your Business While You Sleep. Reserve Your Spot Today And Start The Journey To Becoming A Master Of Facebook Dynamic Ads Now!

I can't wait to welcome you on board,

Ing. Tomas Moravek & Team

Internet Efficiency Awarded Facebook Ads Expert

Who this course is for:

B2C, B2B, Real Estate, Travel Services, E-commerce, Automotive, Facebook Ads Consultants, Anyone Excited to MASTER Facebook Dynamic Ads & Facebook Remarketing